Previous litters – Australian ShepherdSunčana Škrobonja



We are so happy to announce that we got 6 beautiful puppies!! 4 girls and 2 boys.
DOB 02.06.2019. Both parents were health tested.

FEMALE: Skyron Zimbabwe “Alice”

McMatt Shades Of Bayouland x Bailiwick Light Off The Mirror

✔ HD A, ED 0
✔ PRA, HSF4, MDR1 – clear
✔ CEA +/-
✔ Eye exam – clear (04.03.2019.)

MALE: I’Ewbor Du Glacier Des Pandas “Evian”

Melody’s Chairman Of The Board x Fairy Of Snow Du Glacier Des Pandas

✔ HD A, ED 0
✔ CEA, PRA, HSF4 – clear
✔ MDR1 +/-

Epicyon Dark Knight “Sky”

Epicyon Diablo “Kal”

Epicyon Diamonds Are Forever “Utah”

Epicyon Dream Come True “Panda”

Epicyon Divine “Blue”

 Epicyon Double Trouble “Gile”